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The Machine that Changed the World

What is Lean Production? The best way to describe this innovative production system is to contrast it with craft production and mass production. Craft production uses highly skilled workers and simple but flexible tools to make exactly what the consumer asks for, one item at a time. The mass producer uses narrowly skilled professionals, designed products made by unskilled or semi skilled workers tending expensive single purpose machines. The lean producer combines the advantages of craft and mass production, while avoiding the high cost of the former and the rigidity of the latter. Lean producers employ teams of multi-skilled workers at all levels of the organisation and use highly flexible increasingly computerised machines to produce volumes of products in enormous variety. Lean production is lean because it uses less of everything compared with mass production, half the human effort in the factory, half the manufacturing...

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Panic Now & Avoid the Rush!

Panic now and avoid the rush! With a pending meltdown of the global financial system, a looming global recession, fuel and interest rate pressures and the day-to-day worries of managing a business - it's no wonder that a whole heap of people are opting to bury their head in the sand and not look at the potential options and strategies for competing in this environment. Most people will only start to think strategically about these issues when the pressure is really on - and its often too late. My advice - panic now and avoid the rush! Plan now and look for the opportunities and minimize the downturns. I have approached this issue from 3 perspectives, which are outlined in the sections below: The Perfect Storm Understand the Impacts Develop your responses The Perfect Storm Recent developments in the global economy have emerged like a...

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