Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Lost Art of Management

You know, I think that over the last few decades that “business” has lost the art of managing their people. (I say “business” because obviously there are some great managers out there – but, in general, management is a lost art!) We’ve managed to pull through the GFC (“Global Financial Crisis”) and have emerged into a market that is very competitive, with tighter margins and that is far more globalised than ever before. There are also significant opportunities for businesses that are have the capacity and capability to embrace them. But here lies the challenge… I am finding that most businesses do not have the necessary “middle- management” skills and personnel to pull it off. Why is this so? Well, in an effort to become more efficient, we have “exised the fat” and removed layers of middle-management by pushing more and more responsibility down the...

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What are the Barriers to Developing an iPhone App?

The Apple App Store is an amazing marketplace that has changed the way we interact with technology and how we purchase and deliver software solutions. It is a great business model. The strength of this model is in the way Apple has encouraged others to build product specifically for their devices. As many of you know, I have recently developed a couple of iPhone apps for business users (Force Field Analysisand Competitor Analysis) and have become intrigued by the concept. The exercise is going well (I could always do with a few more sales!) but I'm not going to give up my day job just yet! When I released my first app, I had so many enquiries asking "How do you develop an app as I have some ideas?" that I decided to write an e-book about my experiences and the knowledge I picked up...

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