Monthly Archives: October 2011

ZMOT – How Can you Use This in your Business?

Marketing has always played an important role in the success of businesses. It is one of the essential processes and is the major driver of future sales and profitability. But what does marketing really mean? Marketing is the process where businesses - whether for products or services - promote and position their goods in the market so that consumers will choose them over all the existing and similar products or services available. Originally, marketing is best described in a 3-step model - stimulus, shelf and experience; where: 1. Stimulus refers to the point when a consumer gets stimulated or persuaded to buy a product because of an ad or a TV commercial; 2. Shelf, which is also known as the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) refers to the point when a consumer goes to his favorite store and selects the product with the help of...

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Are Meetings Dead?

Meetings are an important part of communication in most businesses but it is a poorly understood discipline. For many people, a meetings is that it is something that is boring, takes a lot of time and has little value. I suspect many people would say that meetings are dead or unnecessary, especially in a small business. Maybe it’s because many of us have been too exposed to traditional type of meetings which usually drag on for hours and seem to have little or no purpose. I still believe that meetings are vital to improving communication and feedback throughout the business. However, we need to change the structure, timing and composition to suit our needs and help us become more productive, and the business more profitable. But we need a new paradigm for the humble meeting. What do we need to do in order to create...

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