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The Process of Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA)

The process of searching for a VA for your business is fairly easy (it worked well for me!) and is similar to recruiting an assistant locally. The only difference is that 100% of the process is done online – tests or surveys are conducted electronically and candidates are interviewed via VOIP services like Skype. My Personal Hiring Experience I found my VA via, an outsourcing website that offers foreign employers to post job openings and search among thousands of Filipino applicants for the perfect person to fill the post. For sites like these, you will need to register yourself as an employer before you can post a job offer and get access to thousands of resumes in their database. After registering and posting your offer, you can either wait for applicants to contact you and send in their resumes (via your contact email) or...

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Should you Hire a Virtual Assistant?

If your business requires you to be on the road most of the time and/or you find yourself needing assistance to get secretarial and administrative things done then a Virtual Assistant (VA) is what you need. Why a VA? In this day and age where everything is mobile, having a VA fits the bill perfectly. Compared to having a traditional locally-based administrative assistant, VAs are often more economical (I can attest to that!) You also save on office space and equipment expenses as you don’t have to provide for it, except of course, if your business requires output from custom software.   Now you don’t have to go overseas to find a VA. There are a number of people in Australia who offer a range of VA services. I found this site with a Google Search. There will be similar services in other countries (if...

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