Monthly Archives: October 2012

Grade Your Website

I recently stumbled across a great resource for getting a benchmark on your website. It a free service from called "Marketing Grader" and you'll find it at  What I liked most about Marketing Grader is that it completes a comprehensive scan of your website, rates it in 3 key areas and then provides you with a range of actions and strategies too help you improve the marketing ability of your site. You can also compare your website to competitors or colleagues. It gives you an overall rating out of 100 points so you can see the impact of any changes you make. The report is broken down into 3 key areas: top of the funnel - reviews your activities designed to attract visitors to your site middle of the funnel - once you have visitors - "how do you treat them?" analytics - What do your...

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Using your iPad for Presentations

Using Your iPad To Make Presentation As part of my role as a Coach, I tend to deliver a range of tailored training programs for my clients. This usually involves a laptop computer, a presenter remote, a data projector and laptop speakers. However, since purchasing an iPad over 2 years ago, I have found that I no longer have much use for a laptop - in fact, I have just purchased my first desktop computer in over 15 years - an iMac (and I love it!). The catalyst for this was working out that I can use my iPad 2 to deliver my presentations with ease. So how does it work? What gear do I need? What Equipment Makes it Work?     In addition to a presentation device, like a data projector or TV screen, you will need the following: iPad - you will need...

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