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Management is Not Leadership

In today’s business world, most businesses are run by very competent people who are not necessarily the world's best leaders. Most leaders are not Ghandi or Nelson Mandela but in my years of experience as a business consultant, I have observed that successful businesses seem to have a leadership team that as a group exhibits all the characteristics of a great leader. Very rarely do we find these characteristics in one person. I recently read an article on leadership that I think could help further explain the leadership challenge. In his recent HBR article titled Management is Still Not Leadership, Dr. John Kotter, Konusuke Matshushita Professor at Harvard, explains that leadership and management are two different things, and that the obvious confusion around these terms usually cause misunderstandings and hinder businesses to achieve success. With this emphasis, Dr. Kotter defines “management” as a set of...

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My Top Business Apps

My iPad and iPhone are now essential tools in my business.For the first time in over 15 years, I have purchased a desktop (Mac) computer rather than a laptop. I use my IOS devices for everything and have found that I use them for business and personal use. But despite the vast number of apps available, I’ve found that I actually only have a few apps that I use regularly. As I use these apps across multiple devices (desktop, iPad and iPhone) then integration and the ability to sync data has become of key criteria in determining the usefulness of an app. With that said, here are my top ten apps (outside of the native Apple apps) that I use on iPad and iPhone. Evernote TripIt Kindle and iBooks MSecure Hootsuite Pulse Goodnotes iThoughts HD LinkedIn Oz Weather Evernote This app is brilliant. It has...

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The Top 3 Business Issues for 2013

At the end of 2012, Mindshop ( conducted a global survey of business leaders involved in various business programs and groups across the Mindshop network in Australia, NZ, UK and the USA. The survey highlighted that for many business leaders, managing growth is the critical issue for 2013. This was followed closely by maintaining profitability and ensuring that strategy implementation is effective. The key insights gleaned from the survey are: 1. Understanding emerging customer trends is critical to business growth The biggest opportunity for Business Leaders in 2013 is growing existing and new markets. Having a clear understanding of emerging customer trends, reshaping products and services and having an engaged team to help drive new strategy will help in growing your business.  Leaders also need to review their business models and ensure that their model is capable of addressing these new opportunities. 2. 'Change' is the new...

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