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3 Key Ideas to Help Business Leaders Succeed in 2013

1. When did you last complete a competitor analysis? Almost all business leaders are aware of their direct competitors but when was the last time you actually completed a formal analysis by way of a ‘competitor analysis’? This should be at least an annual process to help pin-point key opportunities for improvement. To complete a competitor analysis: List 4-5 insights / key success factors down the left hand side of your page then weight them out of 100 List your business now in a column along the top followed by a further 3-4 competitors Now score your business 50% of the weighting as a benchmark and then score each competitor against the various insights / key success factors The key question to ask at the end of this quick exercise is, “What is the biggest area you could focus on to lift your score and thus...

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How to Deal with the Leadership Shift

Businesses are under increasing stress as markets are increasingly volatile, clients are more demanding, talent is scarcer and change occurs in faster and shorter cycles.  To survive and thrive business leaders have to make faster decisions, on less information, and which have greater risk.  This has led to a change in how leaders need to think, decide and execute. A good model, that addresses the four areas of concern that business leaders need to deal with, is the VUCA model (developed in the US Army War College).  This consists of: Volatility - the rate, amount, and magnitude of change drastic, rapid shifts can bring about instability for organizations and leaders, but even the minor or innocuous shifts that occur daily, such as new and “immediate” priorities that disrupt plans, or the increasing need to “multi-task,” are changes that increase volatility. Uncertainty - the amount of...

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