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Top 6 time saving tools and apps – Leveraging technology to really save you some time

As I am essentially a “One Man Band” with some external support, I am always on the lookout for how I can use technology to improve my productivity. I’ve focused on some key areas that I know work for me: •    Reduce travel •    Reduce document preparation time •    Improve your concentration 1. Reduce travel time and/or improve the quality of telephone communication For many of us travel is a big challenge as it can consume a large part of the available day. My motto with flying is “Time to spare – go by air!”. So how can we reduce the amount of travel we do? You can make more phone calls, but the quality of interaction is usually much less than a face-to-face chat. I’ve found that there is a compromise that allows you to reduce travel and improves the quality of remote communications...

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Taking Control of Your Time

In our recent webinar, I highlighted some of the key tools and concepts that I use to manage my time. You can watch a short 3-minute summary here or watch the full 30-minute webinar and explore the resources. The key tools that we discussed relate to getting rid of the waste and inefficiency in your day. My experience is that you need to do a couple of things: Define a daily schedule for the 3 to 5 things that you must do if you are going to be effective in your role and then allocate some time for them. For everything else, you need to run your “To Do list” through my “Stop Doing Matrix.” Develop the Daily Schedule Brainstorm the 3 or 4 key things that you must get done in every day. You may want to cross-check this list against your Position Description for better...

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7 Tips for Social Media Success

With devices such as the iPhone and iPad taking homes, offices and almost all places by storm, browsing the web and connecting to sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter is such an easy thing – making social media the newest and hottest technique for marketing. Most businesses today have invested their marketing efforts into pushing their way into social media because that’s where people are. It makes a lot of sense but does it work and is social media an effective marketing tool? Many businesses are not reporting a lift in sales from social media but it is widely acknowledged that there are a range of benefits from creating a stronger dialogue with the market. So how do we measure these secondary benefits? According to an infographic initially created by Pagemodo – Facebook’s marketing company, their initial research led them to conclude that the ROI of social...

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