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Creating Simple Websites

Creating a simple cost-effective website is relatively easy. If you need a special design with custom features, etc then this method is not for you, but if you need a simple website (even one with a shopping cart, etc) then this can work for you. However, if you are unsure of what you want and don’t want to do some of the elements yourself (lack of confidence and/or skill), then I would engage a professional design firm to work with you on creating a look and feel that works for you and your business. The extra investment may be well worth the reduction in stress. For those of you who are keen to create your own website or who have a very limited budget, then I have outlined a simple process that you can use. It is the exact process that we have used to...

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Assessing our Executives

Skills your Business Leaders must have In order to achieve organisational goals, effective leadership is essential.  But how does one become effective? What are the key skills that we require in our leaders? This article will outline 5 important skills that Business Leaders require. Key Skills 1.    Think and Act Strategically – A leader must be able to place the market, economic, business and operational aspects into context and create a plan for the future. Thinking about and acting upon these things strategically is critical to achieve success. 2.    Organised and Productive – It is important to lead by example. Therefore, he/she has to have good personal productivity, organisation and time management. 3.    Understand the impact of technology – One must understand the impact of technology on the business and how it can be leveraged for commercial advantage. 4.    Set the Performance Standards – This...

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Three Ways To Unlock Innovation

One way not to go to unlock innovation is to hold a brainstorm! Or at least to turn up with butchers paper, pens and little else! You need stimuli and a process to gain insight and inspiration. You need always to be on the look out – innovation happens all around you every day! Here’s three ways that I found have helped people think about developing innovative products and services: 1) Look at the Edges and Intersection of your Users, Products and Competition Where are there non standard uses for your products by customer groups you weren’t targeting? How have customers used your products to solve a problem you hadn’t thought of? Which of your customers are they using your competitors products – and for what purpose? Lead users, those who are early adopters, can be indicators of a broader market opportunity. 2XU, for instance,...

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Simple Productivity Tools

Improving our personal productivity is a key component of being effective at business. During our productivity webinar, I talked about a really simple tool - the Pomodoro Technique. Now I’m not really sure what it has to do with tomatoes, but the technique is that you work in 25 minute intervals and take a 5 minute break after every session. Every 4 sessions you take a longer break - 15 mins. I have been using the timer app on my iPhone (or iPad) and my productivity has increased exponentially using this technique - I can’t recommend it enough. My experience is that this has really improved my productivity for a couple of reasons: The “Ticking Bomb effect” - the countdown keeps you focused. No distractions - I turn off my email, notifications, phone, Skype, etc for 25 minutes. If I am distracted and think of...

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