Monthly Archives: June 2015

6 rules to creating the ideal organisation

Creating the ideal organisation is considered to be much like finding the Holy Grail – hard if not impossible. But this didn’t stop Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones, experts in Organisational Behaviour, to take up the challenge. Three years and many hundreds of hours of research, they found that an ideal organisation must be authentic and must nurture the development of authenticity in all those involved in the firm. But the question still remained: what does an authentic organisation look like? And with more research, Goffee and Gareth came to the conclusion that an ideal organisation has 6 virtues which they kindly summarised in their simple questionnaire which is replicated below. The simplicity of the questionnaire may produce a false confidence that these elements can be easily drafted into a firm – but that is not so. Change – cultural change, takes time and resources....

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Making Profit: Key attributes to a responsive business

One of the many obligations for all enterprises – big, small, not for profit or private is making a profit. And everyone involved in these enterprises know that a policy of maintaining the status quo will not produce quality and sustainable profits, and may eventually result in the firm’s rapid demise. A responsive business is one that grows in direct response to the needs of the market. Often, “speed to market” is a crucial part of successful business strategies but speed itself is not sufficient – it is responsiveness, or the ability to respond rather than react, that is the goal. So how does an enterprise be responsive and make profit in a rapidly changing VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment? There are many things which support a strategy of responsiveness. Here are 4 key elements of culture and purpose. Seek constant renewal. A...

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