Monthly Archives: October 2015

A Changing Environment

Change is a fundamental and common element to our business environment and this will continue to impact on the whole Australian economy for the next few years. As we have discussed previously, both the volume and rate of change are growing exponentially. Very few businesses proactively plan to overcome or respond to the opportunities that change creates. A business’s ability to manage and implement change effectively is critically important, now more so than ever. To remain competitive and sustain vibrant businesses, quick and effective action is required to maintain long term financial viability. Major changes include: • the impact of globalisation • the adoption of innovation and technology • the change in the demographics of our target markets • the change in labor dynamics • the personalised marketing demands of customers • the ecological issues and changing government regulations These changes have had wide reaching...

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The Business Leader of the Future – will you have what it takes to succeed?

“Traditional ways of managing a business are coming to an end.” – Gary Hamel, The Future of Management It has been a recurring theme in our blogs and webinars that we are in a fast-changing business environment and that we need to update our processes and systems within our organisations for us to cope. The quote above is taken from the best-selling book “The Future of Management” by World strategy guru and author, Gary Hamel where he adds, in direct quote, “New problems demand new principles. Put bluntly, there’s simply no way to build tomorrow’s essential organisational capabilities—resilience, innovation and employee engagement—atop the scaffolding of 20th century management principles.” Another business thought-leader, Alex Osterwalder talks about the urgent need for ‘business model innovation’ in his publications where he states that: “Companies that aren’t able to systematically rejuvenate their business model will struggle to survive and...

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