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Experienced Business Strategy and Leadership Development Consultants

Strategic Business Development Pty Ltd is an Australian based advisory firm specialising in strategy, planning, coaching and leadership development programs. We focus on growing, dynamic businesses with a long term future. Our experience has shown that growing a business is a long-term commitment - although the results can come very quickly - that requires: clear strategies, actionable plans and a vibrant leadership team to create sustainable, long term profits.

Who is Russell Cummings?

  • Russell Cummings

    Business Consultant
  • Company Principal, Russell Cummings, has over 26 years comprehensive experience as a Management Consultant and Coach to family business, industry organisations, corporations and government. He has worked with clients in a wide range of sectors including: agriculture, manufacturing, horticulture, Defence, public utilities, dairy, meat processing, IT, printing, environmental, service industries , R&D bodies, Local Government organisations and Industry Associations.
  • Russell is an accomplished facilitator, coach and trainer with a clear focus on converting Strategy into Action.

    He is currently working with clients in all Australian states, New Zealand and the United Kingdom - geography is no boundary.

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Why Choose Us?


A focus on tangible outcomes

We are highly focused on assisting businesses to achieve lasting outcomes. This means that we will work closely with businesses to implement innovative strategies that drive growth and profits.


Unparalleled Experience

26 years continuous experience as a Business Coach and Consultant. Russell currently coaches over 57 business consultants from around the world - "the Coach's Coach".


Extensive Industry Knowledge

Russell has worked for clients across many major industry sectors including: agribusiness, manufacturing, horticulture, professional service, finance, retail, food processing, Defence, government, energy, construction and Industry Associations.


Access to high quality Associates

We have an extensive network of high quality Associates with a diverse range of technical skills that are available to complement our skills, as required, for specific projects.

Our Clients


Our Approach

We work closely with our clients on a long term basis providing them on-going support in challenging and changing business environments. Our approach is to build a partnership where the clients provide the detailed industry and business knowledge specific to their enterprise. We complement this knowledge with powerful business processes and experience across a wide range of businesses. All engagements are negotiated on a fixed fee basis with a focus on delivering outcomes rather than "time inputs".