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Company Principal, Russell Cummings, has over 26 years comprehensive experience as a Management Consultant and Coach to family business, industry organisations, corporations and government. He has worked with clients in a wide range of sectors including: agriculture, manufacturing, horticulture, Defence, public utilities, dairy, meat processing, IT, printing, environmental, service industries , R&D bodies, Local Government organisations and Industry Associations.

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What apps should you have in your eco-system?

In our first article on this topic, we highlighted the process for defining the apps and tools you will require in your eco-system of apps for your business. If you missed that article, you will find it here When I followed the process and started defining my ecosystem, I thought about the key functions that I wanted to get right and ended up mapping out 7 areas that are really important for me and my business. Below are those areas and the key apps that I use to be productive and efficient. 1. Client Information   Where do you store your client information? Unfortunately, lots of people are storing their valuable client and sales information in their accounting system and end up not being able to use it for marketing and sales because they are using the wrong software for the job.   Client...

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Defining Your Ecosystem of Apps and Tools

I find that many people have apps and tools that they use that don't work with each other, don't work across platforms and are actually a "pain in the neck" as they increase complexity and reduce productivity. Therefore, it's really important that you find an ecosystem of tools that will work together to give you increased productivity and better leverage. The term "ecosystem" is really important because I envisage a system of software apps and tools that is interconnected and supportive of the others, and all works in harmony to create the desired outcome.   And when I say "will work," I'm really talking about a couple of powerful words: synergistic – tools that build on each other and leverage off each other, and integration – working across multiple platforms in multiple ways.   It's important to know how to pick the right software and tools to drive Personal...

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Get the most from Social Media – 10 Tips

Social Media has played a part in most businesses since it was invented but still the sentiment in the business world about social media tends to be divided. There are those who think it’s an enormous waste of time, who choose to ignore social media and risk being left behind completely because they are alienating internet savvy customers and future employees in the process. And then there are those who embrace it fully – those that have a clear, strategic social media plan and gain enormous competitive advantage by using the right tools to suit their business and target market. But what is Social Media? Social media, in simple terms, is the term used to describe the tools people are using to share text, video, images and information online and the networks they are using to connect with each other. It’s the evolution of the internet from a broadcast medium to...

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Marketing Madness

In a recent blog we discussed how we can make sure that marketing is effective for our business. This blog reiterates that while you need ensure the effectiveness of your Marketing, it is also crucial to ensure that it is effective all-year round. Businesses will often gear up for events such as Christmas, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Stocktake Sales and the like, and then accept that there are quieter periods in the rest of the year. But really, this should not be the case. What can we do to market all-year round? Let’s look to multinational companies to explore this issue. It gets hard to compete when you are reacting all the time to promotions of big players and you feel you have to follow. Unfortunately, most businesses react by putting on sales which may actually reduce your profits due to the size of the...

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Is Your Marketing Effective?

Marketing is one of the most important and time-consuming activities of business owners as we all want the right image for our business and more of the right clients. We want them to not only see but to also understand what our business offers and how they can differentiate us from our competitors. That’s what Marketing is all about. It is creating specific brand images in the minds of our target customers and advertising is the mechanism used to communicate these images to them. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have a formal marketing plan and their marketing and advertising becomes a series of uncoordinated events. Businesses are often talked into advertising programs that are not linked to any marketing plan. So how do we avoid falling into that trap? It is important to note that the secret is in coordinating a sequence of activities targeted...

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