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RSS – What is it? How Do I Use It?

RSS Feeds – What are they? How can I use them in my business? In this day and age, internet and mobile technology play a big role in everyday life. This is especially true for those of us who constantly search for new and efficient ways to disseminate information to our network of friends, customers and clients. Aside from the usual web tactics, RSS feeds make this possible. What are RSS Feeds? RSS ("Really Simple Syndication”) is a group of standardised data formats for news and headlines, blogs, audio and video. It is identified by name or symbols like this:  These formats, also known as "feeds,” allow publishers to publish content automatically via web, desktop and mobile RSS readers. Once published then content can be easily and automatically accessed by groups or individuals. RSS also allows those who are interested to subscribe to the feeds that...

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To Tweet or Not Tweet

To Tweet or Not to Tweet Social networking has indeed changed the world. Since its introduction, this modern phenomenon, which is also referred to as social media, has provided a new and faster way for people to connect, interact and go about with their daily lives. Social networking may have started out as a fad, but its massive appeal has transformed it to something even bigger. And today, almost 50% of the world’s IT literate population, under 30 years old, is on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more. Social networking has affected almost every person in the world in one way or another—good or bad. In fact, many people’s personal lives have changed because of it. Research shows that 1 out of 8 US couples have met through social networking sites. With things like this happening because of social media, the...

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