Customised Business Leader Development

No more idle training manuals sitting on shelves.
This is not another course manual that will be left unused in your business. We provide customised Business Leader Development programs that are practical and relevant to the complex skills required to lead teams in today’s ever changing business environment.

“Its given me the tools and motivation to implement a lot of new ideas in my business”

Implement a custom program to grow the capabilities of your team       

Tertiary qualifications all contribute to the success of your team but who teaches them how to collaborate, to problem solve, to manage personal productivity, and to make effective decisions?

Building “real world” skills in these areas have been major challenges for many of my clients and have led us to create tailored training and development programs specifically to arm your team with simple tools and processes to address these critical areas.

There is no model for how to operate successfully in today's complex, VUCA business environment. This won't change, and in fact will get more intense, and all you can do is provide your team with an armoury of tools to allow them to address these unpredictable situations.

This is where we differentiate our Business Leader programs. We do not deliver your traditional “Leadership Program” where you focus on deep personal understanding, over-coming your personal limitations through challenges and modelling behaviours on the world’s great leaders. There is no doubt that this style of program is very popular and has great merit - but it’s not what we do!

Our philosophy is built on ensuring that leaders at all levels, not just the top, have the right toolkit to do the job. Tools, concepts and processes for: effective planning, real time problem solving, balanced decision making, collaboration, coaching and personal productivity. All tailored to the specific way you operate and run your business so that the learning enhances business productivity rather than detracts from it.

We don't prescribe solutions – instead we empower your people to be trained and equipped to use our simple, but powerful, tools and processes that will assist them to lead their teams to success.

Our programs create a common language and tool kit across your organisation that will enable your team members to collaborate effectively for planning and problem-solving. Effectively increasing productivity, capacity and the capability of your teams to implement strategies and new initiatives.

Our blended learning approach incorporates: face-to-face workshops, online resources, online training and one-to-one coaching in what has been shown to provide 3 to 4 times more successful outcomes than traditional face-to-face training alone. In concert with our business partners, Mindshop International, We deliver tailored programs to over 800 business people each year.

Contact us today on 0414929585 (international: +61-414929585) or to discuss how we can tailor a specific, action oriented program to meet the development needs of your team.

We build our programs around 4 key elements, below. The level of emphasis on each element will depend on your business, its needs and the outcomes you expect from the program.


1. Workshops
Workshops are custom built to deliver the specific outcomes required by your business. They can either be face-to-face or delivered in a virtual environment for distributed teams and of varying duration usually from half day to 2-day formats. The purpose of the workshop is to fast-track applied learning, build collaboration and the sharing of best practice across the team. They are rarely applied in isolation from other components.

2. Online Training
Provide team members with 24 / 7 access to a wealth of online resources branded that of your organization which includes over 100 business tools with videos, 9 online training courses, discussion forums, private planning areas and implementation support resources. We can also build fully customised on-line training programs for your business using your tools, concepts and terms to enhance learning and productivity. Our online Resource Centre provides all the business development resources required to upskill your team quickly and learn a common approach to strategy development and implementation.

3. Coaching Support
Each participant will receive one-to-one, experienced coaching support from the facilitator of the program. The focus of this support will be around the implementation challenges and opportunities relating to each participants individual strategic plans. Support is tailored to your specific outcomes and resources and ranges from an intensive face-to-face Executive Coaching Program to a 100% virtual program (via our online Resource Centre) or a mix of both elements. This is a critical element of the program to ensure new learnings are made relevant to day-to-day objectives.

4. Share Best Practice
It's important that during the regular workshops and then between workshops there are multiple opportunities to share best practice lessons between participants in the program. This allows breaking down of any silo's within the organization and solutions discovered in one area of the business can be learnt by others.

Case Studies of success
Horticulture - The Next Generation

HAL selected Strategic Business Development and our partners, Mindshop International, to facilitate a program to develop the capabilities of business leaders across Australian horticulture.

Since 2012, 95 leaders have participated in our intensive workshop program with an additional 115 participants in our on-line Training courses. Feedback from the intensive Program has been exceptional (see video) as participants have been immersed in a custom built program of workshops, coaching, online resources and training.

As part of the program, we have conducted regular webinars on a variety of business topics and developed a social media presence on a variety of platforms centred on the program website. We currently have over 1,000 users across our website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter communities.

For more information on the program, visit our website at

Fidelity Worldwide Investments
"The program to date has achieved a return of over 20:1"

Fidelity Worldwide Investment (FWI) is the non-US operation of Fidelity Investments which employs close to 40,000 people world-wide. FWI has operations in 23 countries and employs 4,000 people. In 2010 FWI in Hong Kong decided to formalize their continuous improvement (CI) program by engaging Mindshop to train and coach the Fidelity key executives in the Mindshop CI tools and processes. In 2012 the program was expanded to include Japan with a total of 15 senior Fidelity personnel licensed to use the Mindshop intellectual property. The program to date has achieved a return on investment of over 20:1. After two years 16 cross functional CI initiatives involving 75% of employees had been completed. Many internal project teams have also used the CI structure to improve their service delivery.

The FWI program is headed by the Fidelity Investments Chief Operating Officer, Carl McGann. Carl, a seven year veteran of Fidelity, has embraced the CI program and is a ‘hands-on’ practitioner of the tools. “While the ROI is an essential outcome, the soft benefits should not be overlooked” McGann said, “motivation, morale, even recruitment and retention of our best people, have been positively impacted by the Mindshop program”. “What I like best is that it is a Fidelity program ‘powered by Mindshop’, not the other way around” McGann said. When asked where the program is heading in the coming years McGann commented, “The level of sophistication, strategic thinking and capability of our team keeps improving, so I am confident that our continuous improvement skills will become our competitive advantage”.

When asked what had enabled the program to thrive at Fidelity, McGann included, management support, 24/7 access to the Mindshop online resources, and coaching support for his executives, as the key factors. Fidelity has been a successful user of the Mindshop Business Leader program and a good example to other corporates as to how to compete in the difficult times of 2012 and beyond.

Lumen Australia

"14 team members involved in the program"
Lumen Group is a global supplier of wiring looms, electronic systems and plastic components to vehicle manufacturers and to the automotive aftermarket around the world. With over 30 year's experience, Lumen's commitment is to provide creative solutions which will improve and enhance the products and services we offer our customers.

Lumen commenced its internal program run by Mindshop Facilitator Michael Burke in July 2011 and has a total of 14 team members involved in the program with 7 part of a internally run group and 7 part of a range of external groups. As part of this program Mindshop provides a wealth of business tools / resources via a custom online portal, quarterly training days for participants of the program which covers their key development needs and through Michael Burke regular coaching / implementation support between meetings.

"250+ participants in the program across 10 different groups"
Building over 3000 homes a year across the country, ABN has constructed more than 44,000 homes in total since it was established in 1978. Ranked 2nd in the Housing Industry Association's 2009-2010 Housing Top 100 list, and 46th in the 2010 Business Review Weekly list of the top 500 private companies, the ABN Group has established itself as an industry heavyweight.

Mindshop has been supporting an internal development program run by Mindshop Facilitator, Rod Willers since October 2009. Currently there are 250+ participants in the program across 10 different groups who receive quarterly business development training, 24/7 access to a wealth of online resources and regular coaching support between each meeting.

Contact us today on 0414929585 (international: +61-414929585) or to discuss how we can tailor a specific, action oriented program to meet the development needs of your team.

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