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Are you happy with your business? Are you happy with your life?

We support busy Owners and Managers in the implementation of plans and strategies by providing an objective sounding board coupled with effective tools, processes and experience

I have worked as a business coach with business owners in regions such as Brisbane, Bundaberg and Wide Bay, as well as many more Australia Wide and Internationally. Many of the business owners I have worked with were initially very unhappy with the returns they were getting from their businesses. A typical comment many would make was along the lines of...

I take all the risks, all the responsibilities and get paid less than a decent wage, all for the right to be my own boss!

In addition, most business owners work long hours trying to make ends meet and their family and social life suffers as a result. The current trend is to call this "poor life balance” but it has been around forever.

Poor life balance is regarded by many as a necessary evil, and it shows itself in a variety of ways: not enough time with your family, health problems, unhealthy diet from all those meals on the run, a poor social life and no time for many of the important things and people in our lives.

Even good businesses have big problems & can benefit from a business coach.

Working as a business coach in Brisbane, Australia Wide and Internationally, I have found that even my clients with "good businesses” suffered from poor life balance. Many still spent too much time WORKING-IN-THE-BUSINESS and their quality of life was suffering as a result.

Combine poor life balance with the perennial problem of "How do I take my business to the next level?”, and I found a large number of frustrated, overworked, under-rewarded business owners.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! With us as your business coach, you can reach new levels of success.

Do you want to be successful in business?

Many business owners are unhappy with their current business performance and life balance.

In my 25 years experience as a business consultant and business coach in regions like Brisbane, Bundaberg, Gladstone and Wide Bay, I found that most business owners have an idea of where they want to be but have little idea of what to do to get there.

They are usually focused on the wrong things and are applying resources in areas that aren’t especially productive. With the assistance of a business coach, businesses can shift their focus to areas that will improve productivity.

A leading business coach helping Brisbane & Australian businesses make the next jump.

Business owners are in many respects like athletes, they often have the ability to be champions but lack the motivation, programs and processes to make the jump to the next level.

With the support and guidance of a business coach, Brisbane businesses and businesses Australia Wide and Internationally, across all sectors and industries, can learn how to make that jump.

Elite athletes; Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi and any athlete you can name all use a coach to help them focus on their goals, increase their technical skills and significantly improve their performance.

It’s the same in business. Elite business people use the same tools and techniques as athletes to help them achieve their goals. A business coach will work with your business to improve performance and profitability. Many engage "Executive Coaches” and enlist the assistance of "Mentors” to work with them to achieve their goals.

The role of the business coach is not to tell you what to do, neither is it to do it for you. The role of the business coach is to work with your business to develop a plan and a program for implementation and then to guide you through making that plan a reality. It is a vital support role.

This is exactly the way a sports coach works. They work with the athlete to develop goals, design programs to achieve their goals and then guide them through the process. The business coach doesn't run races or do the training. Their role is to guide, monitor, motivate and facilitate.

Engage a business coach to help you make the most of your business potential. Contact Us.

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