Group Facilitation

Running an effective workshop that makes optimum use of time and resources is an important part of many planning and problem solving projects. We use proven tools and processes to ensure that this occurs.

For any group planning exercise the use of an external facilitator to drive the group processes is highly recommended as this will leverage the time, energy and resources of the group.

In most cases there is considerable cost involved in bringing a group together for planning purposes. Not only are there the hard costs of venue, travel, accommodation and  meals but also the opportunity costs of everyone’s time to attend. The total cost can easily run to many thousands of dollars.

Investing in the services of a good facilitator should improve your ROI for the workshop.

A good facilitator will:

  • ensure that the program is designed to achieve the desired outcomes for your organisation within the allowed timeframes
  • minimise the risks of the event not achieving the desired results
  • assist you, “the client”, in planning and designing the process and to explore the options for what is realistically achievable within the agreed timeframes and the workshop context
  • plan the event to include necessary pre-work, information packs, workbooks, presentations and work groups to make sure that the workshop runs smoothly
  • enable the CEO and Senior Managers to be part of the process without dominating it
  • give all participants the opportunity to have their say through the use of effective group processes
  • be skilled enough to alter the process to meet the objectives of the workshop should there be a need to change the agenda “on the run”
  • use tools and processes in addition to the workshop to add value to the process. For example: pre-workshop on-line surveys and interviews with key stakeholders to identify key issues and strategies prior to the workshop
  • add value to the process far in excess of their costs – in other words “a good facilitator is a great investment”

A wealth of experience

Russell Cummings has had in excess of 25 years experience working as a group facilitator and has developed a strong reputation for driving group planning and problem solving processes to achieve positive outcomes.

He is comfortable working with small and large groups and has facilitated groups as large as 250 participants to develop structured outcomes. Typically most workshops involve between 10 and 40 participants.

Recent experience has involved the facilitation of strategic planning workshops for a number of national and regional organisations. The workshop process in these cases, usually involves:

  • a planning session (often by phone) with workshop organisers
  • interviews with key stakeholders to determine priority issues and to understand the context of the workshop and its proposed outcomes
  • on-line surveys of stakeholders to determine key issues
  • preparation of workshop agenda and tailored workshop manuals to enhance workshop productivity
  • facilitation of the workshop to achieve desired outcomes
  • concise reporting of the workshop outcomes
  • validation of outcomes with stakeholders utilising on-line technologies

For more information on engaging Russell Cummings to facilitate your next event, contact us.

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