Strategy and Planning

We work closely with business owners and managers to develop concise, actionable strategic plans. Plans that focus on creating a tangible difference in your business and don't just "go through the motions".

It may seem quite bizarre, but our experience is, that most businesses do not have a clear understanding of WHERE they are heading and importantly HOW they will get there. This is completely at odds with the belief of the business owners and it’s not until they are questioned closely about this do the gaps start to appear.

In their defence, many business owners do have a “fuzzy picture” of their future but they usually do not have the clarity of vision that is required for significant growth and profits. Importantly, this fuzzy picture is usually a linear (“straight line”) progression of the current business into the future. rather than a “big step” improvement.

For business success it is essential that you have a clearly documented Vision for where you would like to be. This defines the end-point – where are we heading?

It is also critical that your business has clearly defined strategies that will differentiate your business in the marketplace.

"The key point of business is to be different!"

However, most businesses strive to be exactly the same as their competitors! They deliver similar products and services at similar prices to the same customers.

Don’t believe me? Then try this simple test – open your local Yellow Pages Phonebook to an area that you are familiar with eg. lawyers, accountants, carpet cleaners. Now, cover up the logos and business names and see if you can differentiate the businesses based on their ads. Usually, the majority of businesses make the same claims about their services and it is very difficult to tell them apart. Take note of the odd few ads that are really different and see how they usually create a very different picture of the businesses.

Developing your business strategy is a critical part of developing a plan for the future. At SBD, we spend time with our clients to guide them through a range of structured processes, tailored to their specific needs and aimed at assisting them to build a clearly differentiated model for their future business.

"Failure to implement is the cause of many business woes"

Once we are clear on the Strategy, then we move onto assisting our clients in developing a structured action plan for implementation. This provides a clear program of action that enables to determine the team, resourcing and cashflow implications of the proposed strategies.

We then support our clients throughout the Implementation Phase by providing proactive coaching services that are delivered in a variety of ways – from face-to-face to video conferencing to on-line coaching and training.

All programs are tailored to suit the individual needs and budget of our clients. For more information and pricing on our Strategic Planning and Support Services, contact us.

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